What To Look For In An Affiliate Marketing Platform

Advertisers and publishers exist in a symbiotic kind of relationship, with one depending on the other for the smooth running of their respective operations. On the one hand, advertisers need access to available inventory, and publishers need to able to display that inventory as soon as it becomes available. At the same time, both parties rely on timely and accurate reporting on all their activities. Without a reliable affiliate marketing solution, that symbiotic relationship can soon sour.

At the heart of any successful affiliate marketing operation lies the systems it all runs on. You need the right affiliate marketing platform to make it all work.

So what precisely do you need to look for in an affiliate marketing platform?

Customization Options

Your company has unique needs from your affiliate marketing platform. While some of the characteristics will be common across most verticals and niches, your platform has to be customized to meet your requirements. At BAFF, all our solutions are fully customizable and branded to match the look and feel of your corporate identity. Our affiliate marketing platform comes with a full API, freeing you up to connect to any number of third-party services or solutions.

Support When You Need It

We all need a helping hand from time to time, and we take customer support seriously. Our onboarding experts are there to help you connect to your shiny new platform, and we’ll give you as much help as you’ll need to fine-tune your systems and any integrations you might need.

Our customer support gets excellent ratings from all our client partners. We’re there for you when you need us!

Rock-Solid Reliability

When it comes to choosing a new affiliate marketing platform, system reliability should be at the top of your checklist. Your affiliates will rely on your systems to operate reliably and efficiently. Many of your affiliates will be using paid traffic for their marketing campaigns, and if your systems happen to go offline, that paid traffic will just go to waste.

Downtime is a fact of anything online. That might not even be down to a fault in your systems but the fault of a third-party service you might be using. Look at the recent Fastly CDN outage and the effect it had on a number of the most popular websites, including news outlets like CNN, the BBC, the Guardian, New York Times, Financial Times, GitHub, HBO Max, Hulu, PayPal, Quora, Reddit, Shopify, Spotify, Stack Overflow, Stripe, Twitch and Vimeo.

BAFF has an excellent record for rock-solid reliability with a system uptime of over 99.8%

Real-Time Reporting Capability

Affiliate marketing is a fast-paced industry, and reporting is a crucial part of that. Your affiliates rely on this reporting to optimize their marketing campaigns and make any changes necessary for their account performance and ROI. The success of any affiliate marketing campaign depends on making tweaks and changes, and your affiliates will rely on your reporting features.

BAFF includes comprehensive real-time reporting features and allows for in-depth reports, including split-testing and landing page rotation. Keep your affiliates happy, and they’ll get you all the conversions you need!

One-Stop Solution

Digital marketing can be complicated and, at times, even a daunting prospect for affiliates. Nobody really likes to have to juggle multiple systems and solutions to get their campaigns to perform. Do a quick search on Google, and you’ll come across hundreds of systems aimed at affiliate marketers. If your affiliate marketing platform doesn’t offer a comprehensive solution, you’ll soon find yourself trying to connect multiple external systems. Granted, we do provide a full API but do you really want to spend your time connecting external systems to get your platform to work the way you want it to?

The BAFF solution is an all-in-one platform that includes a complete affiliate management module, cutting edge tracking capabilities and a highly efficient CRM system. You can connect other services if you want to, but with BAFF, you really won’t need to!

If you’re looking for an affiliate marketing platform that ticks all these boxes, get in touch with BAFF for a demonstration of what we can do for you. Our success managers are there to help you make the best of your affiliate marketing program, so reach out and get ready for more conversions and ROI.

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