Tips on How to Build an Effective Email List for Your Marketing Strategy

In the fast-paced world, it’s essential to create an effective email list for your strategy. The main reason is the 3.9 billion email users. That number is expected to keep to to keep growing significantly in the upcoming years. To provide a better understanding, in 2018, the number of social media users was lower than the number of email users. Considering all of the above, it’s easy to conclude why email marketing is so crucial for affiliate marketing. 

In the beginning, you might find it difficult to integrate this marketing tool into your strategy. The results might not be as expected, consider there’s always room to adjust it more specifically to your company’s needs. Although, once you start enjoying its benefits, you’ll see why this was a good move towards your company’s success. 

With an effective email list you can run campaigns that will enable you to communicate directly with your target audience. Whenever you decide to start promoting a service or product, you’ll be only a click away from reaching the audience. Therefore, it’s easy to understand why building an effective email list is one of the first steps. 

What Are the Steps to Build an Effective Email List?

Start running email campaigns once you’ve created your site and at least a few pieces of content are live. To help you understand the process better, BAFF put together a list of steps to follow for successful email marketing.

1. Enroll with an email provider

Sign up for an email service. Ensure that your company complies with the legislation regarding sending out emails. You’ll need approval from your subscribers to reach out to them through email. 

You will require two types of permission: express permission and implied permission. The first means that you don’t have a relationship with them at the moment, and they need to permit you to send them emails. Implied permission means that you have an established connection with the subject receiving your email.

When you’re in the process of building an effective email list for affiliate marketing, you’ll need express permission. That kind of permission is granted when a user subscribes to your email list and then confirms their subscription.

2. Incorporate sign-up forms to your site

Implement pop-ups on your website, as well as widgets. Ensure that the form for more users to sign up is on sight. Give a try to different pop-ups to see what provides you the most sign-ups. Remember that the triumph of email marketing is closely linked to keeping track and constantly adjusting campaigns.

3. Organize automated emails

Build an automated flow of emails for your subscribers. Automated emails will potentially save you a lot of time. This will also give you the time to send quality emails that your subscribers will be looking forward to receiving. With a constant flow of emails, you will be able to engage with your target audience.

4. Create outstanding content

The content you send to your subscribers should be interesting enough  for them to keep reading your emails. Keeping your audience entertained is a must.

Research helpful information in your field and keep your audience updated with exciting facts. Stay focused on what your subscribers may like to read instead of just focusing on delivering them your message. 

5. Invite the audience to engage

Add social sharing options, make sure that your receivers can share your emails. Also, including a subscribe button to your emails can help other people who received the email through one of your subscribers to subscribe too.

6. Incorporate unique content

To get new people into your email list, you can also offer exclusive content. Said content can only be available for users by signing up for the email list. Top affiliates decide to focus only on email marketing; to be granted access to their best content is required for the user to sign up.


Bear in mind that not all affiliate programs enable email campaigns. Like the Amazon Affiliate program, for example. You should always check what’s in your affiliate agreement to ensure that your emails are compliant with the program’s rules. 

AT BAFF, we hope the tips mentioned in this article will help you build an effective email list that works for your marketing strategy. Our goal is to provide you with helpful information for your company’s growth. You can find more info about how we can help you achieve your marketing goals here.

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