Tips for a Successful Social Media Marketing Campaign

Tips for a Successful Social Media Marketing Campaign

According to “More than 71% of US internet users will access a social network at least once a month this year. From a distance, Facebook has easily maintained its place as the leading social platform, reaching 60.6% of internet users. But cracks are beginning to show due to the platform’s ongoing loss of teenage users. By 2022, Facebook’s share of internet users will slip to 60.2%.”

Instagram has around one billion active monthly users, as reported by Techcrunch, and 500 million of those users interact with Instagram on a daily basis. This statistic demonstrates that social media marketing is a great and effective way of advertising your business to a wide audience. Nearly all businesses acknowledge this fact but very few know how to optimize their social media marketing campaign to boost sales and ROI.

Most social media marketing manuals put unique and engaging content as the number one piece of advice for improving the performance and relevance of your campaign. However, creating and posting engaging and unique content is not enough to guarantee social media marketing success. There are several other elements that you need to incorporate into your campaign so that everything can run smoothly, leading to higher conversion rates, increased traffic, and better ROI.

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Who is your target audience?

Having a clear-cut understanding of your target audience is essential to creating an effective social media marketing campaign. A common mistake that some marketers make is putting their target audience into a one-size-fits-all, generic basket. The strategies and approaches you can adopt into your social media marketing campaign are as varied as the diverse pool of social media users that you will be marketing your business offering to. Launching your social media marketing campaign can be simple, but understanding the best and most effective ways to maintain, optimize and run your campaigns from the get-go is vital.

Let’s have a look at some jaw-dropping social media statistics from

  • ‘Facebook usage among adults in the US has remained more or less the same. 68% of US adults claimed to use Facebook in 2018, which is the exact number of US adult Facebook users reported in 2016.’
  • ‘Instagram continues to attract a younger audience with 72% of teens saying that they use the platform. This is an impressive increase from 2015 when 52% of teens said that they used the platform.’
  • ‘88% of social advertisers use Twitter. This makes it even more popular than Instagram.’
  • ‘LinkedIn now has 590 million users with 260 million of them being active on a monthly basis.’
  • ‘Social networks are the biggest source of inspiration for consumer purchases with 37% of consumers finding purchase inspiration through the channel.’
  • ‘Posts with links to more information are the most preferred type of content on social media. 30% of consumers said that it’s the content they like to see most from brands on social. 18% preferred graphics and images, while 17% would like to see produced video.’

So, what do these statistics show?

Using social media is a great way to expose your business to a sea of users, which in turn increases the likelihood of boosting sales and ROI.

Avoid landing pages

Using ‘Call Now’ buttons on social platforms is a great alternative to landing pages. This feature gives Facebook users the ability to contact your business without any hassle by the click of a button. This removes the need for landing pages, improving the overall user experience of your social media ads which can increase leads and conversions.

Facebook’s life events

We’ve all heard the phrase ‘being in the right place at the right time.’ Delivering your social media campaign to the right target audience at the right time is crucial. This may seem like a difficult task but with Facebook’s ‘Life Events’ feature you can home in on important events in users’ lives to send engaging and relevant marketing.  

Life events such as birthdays, people getting married, finding new jobs; all these events can work to your advantage by using them as a foundation to build your social media marketing campaign on.

As well as using life events to expose your target audience to your advertising you can also define exactly when your ads will be displayed. For example, let’s say that someone has found a new job, you can then specify a period of one week for your office attire ads to appear on that user’s newsfeed.

Create a close-knit and engaging visual experience

Social media has done a lot to change both the online shopping experience and the way the internet is presented and accessed. Creating an engaging visual experience goes hand in hand with creating quality content. Therefore, all areas of your social media marketing campaign from the social platform, to the main site, to the landing page, all areas need to be intertwined to create a cohesive experience for your leads and potential customers.


Leverage the power of hashtags

Hashtags are not just a method of exposing users to relevant content but can be a means to build a loyal fan base and increases brand awareness. The great thing about hashtags is that they are easy to use and are versatile. What do I mean by versatile? Hashtags can be used across the spectrum of social media platforms.

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