Telegram Marketing 101 By Ben Givon

More and more people are turning to messaging apps for personal as well as community and group chants. Follow Ben Givon’s walkthrough and find out how to market on Telegram.

Telegram is a cloud-based app for direct and group messaging that boasts a commitment to privacy. Unlike WhatsApp, its content is ephemeral, it supports multiple accounts per user, and it enables massive groups (up to 100,000 members)

Why market on Telegram?

With more than 220,000 new users signing up every day, Telegram is a fast-growing network. In March 2018, it reached 200 million monthly active users.[1] Its novel and edgy spirit attract early adaptors and influencers who are pivotal in word of mouth marketing.

Telegram’s policy prohibits any form of paid advertising. Thus, the best way to market a business on Telegram is to open a channel, which allows businesses to reach subscribers directly through instant messages. Telegram account holders can create up to 8 channels. Channels can be set as public or private. Public channels are usually preferable due to their broader reach, however, the private setting, which requires new users to be approved by an administrator, could be appealing for businesses that are trying to target a specific type of audience.

Create a smashing Telegram channel

Good Telegram channels incorporate the following principles:


A common mistake that businesses make is over-advertising. Subscribers will get easily fed up with a channel if they receive too many notifications. Instead, aspire to form connections with subscribers by studying their interests.


A good channel weaves promotional material with engaging content. Post content such as news and blog posts that aligns with the interests of subscribers and encourage debate it. Share highly engaging content such as polls, games, and contests.

Make it stick!

Consider personalizing your channel by creating a branded collection of Telegram stickers. Stickers are free, fun and they can also further spread your brand — once subscribers add your sticker blocks to their profile, they can share them in other channels/messages.


Link your Telegram channel to other media and platforms: Add it to your website’s contact info, embed it on other social media, promote it with targeted Facebook ads, write about it in blog articles, and spread the word on other Telegram channels.


As an international messaging app, Telegram generates multilingual discussions across multiple time zones. Conversations can potentially escalate quickly. Channel administrators thus have to maintain a high level of responsiveness to keep things under control.

Have you met my assistant bot?

With some programming skills, you can create bots that will perform various duties. Telegram bots enhance the channel’s responsiveness and minimize your administrative staff.

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