The BAFF Networks Lineup

Running a profitable affiliate program for your business can be a time consuming and highly challenging task. The sheer volume of information you need to pool, and the number of systems that need to work together can make setting up your affiliate program a daunting task.

So daunting in fact that a significant number of programs fail to reach their full potential or in some cases, even break even.

With BAFF that’s no longer a factor.

If you’re looking to maximize your ROI on your financial services affiliate program – this is exactly where you need to be.

BAFF Networks Products

Built around our robust API, BAFF products allow you to streamline your operations into a perfectly connected admin overview with instant access to all the key processes and information you need for success.

Affiliate Network:

Our network solution was designed to be compatible with all major affiliate platforms, our network solution does all the heavy lifting for you.

Designed with ease of operation and maximum conversion in mind, the BAFF Affiliate Network adds intelligent lead management such as Automatic or Manual Recycle, ensuring the maximum bang for your buck from your marketing budgets.


With Geo Restrictions now playing in big part in the conversion process, BAFF brings Cascading Registrations to the forefront, ensuring minimal Geo drop-off. Our Cascading feature comes with automatic rules as well as manual priorities so your best affiliates only ever connect to the best converting offers for their particular traffic types.


Use our advanced management options to block or allow affiliates and funnels from specific advertisers, resulting in higher conversions for both publishers and advertisers alike.


With our full Reporting module, you’ll have a 360 degree view of your business with options to set daily limits for affiliates and advertisers, full monitoring of all affiliate activity and funnels as well as a complete Billing module.


Affiliate Tracking

Affiliates come for the offers and stay for the tracking. You might have the best offers in the world, but if your monitoring and reporting don’t cut the mustard, then you’ll be hard-pressed to recruit experienced affiliates. Our Tracking module gives you total control over all your publishers and advertisers alike but also gives your publishers a complete solution to track and measure all their campaigns and results.


For your best-performing affiliates, we’ve even included the option to allow API connection to registrations, tracking, and billing.


Email plays a huge part in the conversion process, and we’ve included automatic integration to one of the leading email service providers, GetResponse.


Introducing Broker CRM

IBs are having an ever-increasing impact on your bottom line, and without offering a highly efficient CRM, signing up IBs is hugely challenging. IBs base their business on their relationship with their clients, and if they can’t manage this relationship efficiently, their business suffers.


Our CRM has been specifically designed to streamline the sales and retention process:

  • One click lead assigning
  • Multiple sales and retention desks
  • Assign team managers
  • Design access levels
  • Track client activities
  • Track lead status at every stage of the conversion and retention funnel