Platforms To Remember For SEO

Platforms To Remember For SEO

Digital marketing platforms are gifts from the gods of SEO to us marketers. This may sound like an exaggeration, but you know I am not wrong. Quality platforms, apps, and tools help make our lives easier when creating content, distributing it on socials, creating campaigns, and much more.

But what are some of the most essential tools for digital marketers? Let us see some platforms we just can’t live without.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a platform that allows you to learn about how audiences get to your site. No matter what effort you put into your marketing campaigns, it will be hard to understand what your hard work has achieved without a sound analytical system to help you interpret your results.


WordPress is a tool designed to make website management significantly easier. It allows marketers to act as web designers and eliminates the need to understand CSS, HTML, and JavaScript when creating websites. The platform also has numerous plugins that help with SEO performance, redirection, and more.

Social Media

Since social media was born, it has helped entrepreneurs, brands, and marketers spread awareness of their products with ease. One of the biggest social media platforms other there is Facebook that has over 2.5 billion active users. Organizations will go the extra mile to adapt to the platform’s ever-changing algorithm and their audience’s preferences.

Another essential platform is Instagram. Instagram is different from Facebook as it focuses on visuals versus text content. Niches that are heavily invested in imagery tend to prefer Instagram. Some very popular industries on Instagram are Travel, food and beverage, fitness, fashion, beauty, etc. Some other important social media platforms are Twitter, Tik Tok, LinkedIn.


Another important tool for social media management. Hootsuite allows you to schedule media campaigns across numerous social channels. It helps marketers keep consistent and organized. The platform’s interface acts as your personal dashboard and supports social networks like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.


BuzzSumo is a helpful online tool that allows users to research what content is most popular on their website. It offers the opportunity to discover what content and outreach offers the best engagement. It allows you to research new keywords, trending topics, and successful content.

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