Mobile downloads marketing, how to promote your app by Ben Givon

Do you have a killer app you want to market? Well, the good news is that it’s a huge market. 205.4 billion mobile app downloads were registered in 2018 and if present trends continue that number looks set to grow by 26% by 2022 to 258.2 billion. The problem is that yours is far from the only app on the market — and they all want a slice of the pie. How do you get yours?

Deserve it

This might sound a bit old fashioned, but hype and aggressive marketing will only get you anywhere if your app is actually useful to your potential customers. It needs to appeal to a broad audience, not simply serve as another online platform for your current customer pool. If your business is a pet store chain, for example, then an app updating customers about your latest deals might appeal to a small subsection of your existing customers — but an app providing useful information to pet owners (such as finding pet friendly sites when travelling, warnings about dangers to pets in the area of the user, etc.) and also directs them to the services of pet stores such as your own will target a much broader market.

Once you have an appealing product it is time to market it. Here are Ben Givon’s Top Tips to market your app:

1. App store optimization (ASO) is a must

It doesn’t matter how much money you splurge on a paid ad campaign. If the users intrigued by your ads are directed to poorly designed app download page then they are going to get cold feet and not finalize the transaction.

So what can you do to make your ASO more attractive?

· Choose an engaging app icon and title

· Write up a short, comprehensive and compelling app description

· Provide informative and attractive screenshots of your app.

· Ask for reviews and be prepared to respond and if necessary take action following negative reviews. Display an effective support contact to head off negative reviews.

· As in any content writing, ensure the text is in the Appstore is relevant, attractive and filled with carefully selected and relevant keywords.

Mobile advertising

The primary focus of your PPC ad campaign should be via mobile devices. Google, for example, provides mobile ads targeting users while they are searching on their mobile devices.

Social media advertising

Social media advertising enables you to target the specific market segment which is most likely to be interested in your device (to wit, to use the previous example, pet owners). This enables you to get the greatest bang for your buck in a PPC ad campaign.

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