Marketing Trends That Will Take 2020 by Storm

With 2020 fast approaching there are some important upcoming trends that demand your attention if you are interested in optimizing your marketing strategies and campaigns.

What trends will the new year bring and how will they affect your marketing campaigns?

Let’s dive straight in…

Google Analytics has started to phase out

Voice Search

Google Analytics is a brilliant tool when it comes to finding out how visitors discover your website and then tracks their activity. It’s a great way to monitor your ROI and gives you a good idea on which aspects of your website should be split tested.

However, the world of digital marketing is constantly evolving, especially with the introduction of new, innovative technology such as the rise of voice search with the most obvious examples being Amazon’s Alexa, Google’s Home and Apple’s Siri.

Transactions are also another aspect of online marketing that have changed; gone are the days when transactions involved a customer visiting a site and then purchasing whatever the business offering was. Now there are upsells, repeat purchases and order bumps.

What are order bumps?

A Order or checkout bump is a feature that allows you to show additional products or services on the checkout basket or order form. Once a customer has chosen the products or services he or she wishes to purchase you can then add extra products as offers or bump products.  

Order bumps

According to checkout bumps have the following advantages:

  • Increased Average Order Value – Adding easily accessible additional product offerings on the order form stimulates customers to buy more, raising the value of the order.
  • Greater Engagement – Allows you to showcase more products to a potential customer base, increasing customer engagement with the brand.
  • A Smoother Shopping Experience – A customer can add additional products to their cart without leaving the order form.

There are also various ways your online business can make a profit, these include affiliate marketing, sponsorships and monthly subscriptions to newsletters, content and webinars.

As a result of these recent developments businesses have started adopting and making use of other analytics software that integrate better with databases, an example of such being Amplitude.

As the new year rolls in, its highly likely that more businesses will embrace business intelligence solutions such as the aforementioned Amplitude and Google Data Studio.

What is Google Data Studio?

According to Google Data Studio is:

“…a dashboard and reporting tool that is easy to use, customize, and share. It allows you to transform your data into appealing and informative reports for your audience. It’s a great tool to track KPIs that support business objectives and generate periodic reports.”

“Data Studio is like Google Analytics dashboards on steroids. With Google Analytics dashboards, you are limited to 12 widgets per dashboard and can only connect to the data in the particular view the dashboard is in.”

It’s worth taking the time to check out Google Data Studio if you haven’t already done so because it allows you to easily funnel every aspect of your marketing and business data into a single analytics solution. For instance, you could put more data from your Google ad campaigns in Google Data Studio that would prove more difficult if you were to use Google Analytics.

Boosting profits from voice search optimization…

Susan Engleson, a Senior Director of Emerging Products at Comscore, investigated the impact of voice search on digital marketing and its growing influence on the markets.

Some of the key takeaways from the Comscore report include:

  • 1-in-2 smartphone users now use voice technology.
  • Half of all users expect to increase their voice technology usage.”
  • Users of voice technology on a smartphone have 3x greater intention to purchase a smart speaker for their home.”
  • Households with smart speakers increased 49% from June to November.”
  • Smart speakers are currently in 13% of US wi-fi homes.”
  • 25% of those homes are using multiple smart speakers.”
  • New product offerings and lower prices will drive increased adoption.
  • Smart speaker users are 2-6X more likely to use smart home devices like thermostats, hubs, and light systems.”
  • Smart speaker/smart home bundle promotions and discounts will move smart home technology beyond early adopters.”

Voice search optimization is an effective way to increase brand awareness, but how does voice search contribute towards revenue. is a solution that profits from voice search traffic. enables customers to buy products and services from websites via voice search.

A great feature that offers is that it picks up on customer activity and buying behavior and delivers a tailored experience based on the data it gathers.

For example, let’s say a customer buys coffee beans from a particular site using voice search, then a voice-first Software as a Service (SaaS) such as monitors this buying pattern and can makes the entire buying process much more streamlined. Could this pave the way to a whole new way on online shopping?

Make use of other communication channels…

If you are not already using multiple communication channels, then you should be! Chatbots and push notifications are just a few effective examples of ways you can reach your target audience and potential customers on a more personal level.

Influencer marketing on the rise

As Google updates its algorithms constantly, it would be a great idea to think about creating a brand for your website and using influencer marketing as a tool to increase your brand awareness.

Final word…

Many of the things mentioned here in this article have not yet been uncovered so the best approach to optimizing your marketing campaign, and to put you one step ahead of the game, is to start implementing some, if not all the marketing strategies.

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