Make your website a lead generator with Ben Givon

Make Your Website a Lead Generator with Ben Givon

Maintaining a constant flow of sales for your business requires a good understanding of the lead generation and how to ensure that your business website is regularly and actively working to gather leads and conversions.

But it is not as simple as just understanding what needs to be done to boost your lead generation; the internet is rife with competition. This leads us to the important and pressing question of how do you make your website stand out from the crowd in such a way that will prompt new sales and leads?

On the positive side, online marketers have more resources available to help boost their lead generation endeavors. So, let us take a look at some of the key areas that can help your website and online marketing efforts reach a wider target audience.

What is the leaky bucket effect and how could it be damaging your marketing efforts?

Your business homepage may be well-performing and completely optimized for search engine optimization and lead generation efforts. But what about all the other pages on your site?

Many businesses go through the ‘leaky bucket’ effect. A badly performing weak link in your online marketing campaign causing you to lose leads once potential consumers browse through your website.

Furthermore, substandard SEO could be hindering even the most professional looking website from reaching potential consumers and its target audience.

So, in order to avoid having a weak link in your online marketing efforts, use SEO audits to uncover any weaknesses in your SEO campaign.

According to the, ‘Have you had your site audited, and rankings remain unchanged? Knowing how search algorithms work is an important part of conducting a successful site audit. A technical SEO audit that focuses on keywords and title tags will only take you so far.

‘It’s important to step back from the website and take a look at why Google is ranking certain sites. This is the bigger picture that informs a site audit that’s dedicated to improving sales and leads, not just rankings. Once that’s understood, important strategic insights will be found that can help a site recover their rankings.’

Sometimes your choice of keywords that you have integrated within your content may not perform well enough to deliver the leads you are looking for. SEO audits offer a great opportunity for you to evaluate the inner and outer workings of your website. Even straight forward issues such as having an abundance of links on the homepage may be restricting your SEO potential and ability to reach potential consumers.

An extensive SEO audit can help you uncover any weaknesses in your online marketing plan, allowing you to correct them and make your site a well-rounded lead generating tool.

Having live chat on your site is a must in 2020

The society in which we live today is one that demands instant answers and gratification, which might be the reason Google Ads and PPC are such amazing lead generating tools nowadays. This also implies that when clients have questions, they want the answers and solutions immediately.

A recent study discovered that 69 percent of clients referred to a quick resolution to their concern as a reason behind rating a client service report as great. For sales inquiries, a quick response is crucial — with 89 percent saying it aids in the decision stage of the buyer’s journey.

This is where live chat comes in, as it provides instant answers to any questions that your existing and potential customers may have.

According to, live chat is more effective than other traditional modes of interaction: “Live chat currently has the highest satisfaction levels. There are only a smaller number of customers using this method (just 24% said they had used live chat in the past year), 73% of those that have, are pretty happy with their experience.”

“Phone and SMS are currently the lowest-rated customer service touchpoints, with 44% and 41% respectively. Premium rate numbers, automated answering systems, and long waiting times are the main sources of frustration for phone users.”

Consumer satisfaction with live chat additionally far outweighed telephone, email, and social media communication.

A fast response could, in the end, be the difference between whether a potential consumer purchases from you or not. Use the live chat to your advantage to answer your consumers’ questions can be readily available whenever they need them.

It is worth considering including a chatbot to respond to regular inquiries, so your customer support department just needs to address complicated customer issues.

Potential consumers are attracted to expertise

Most potential customers – particularly in the B2B sector – want evidence proving that your business can do what it says it can do. This means that sharing high-quality data with your potential customers is crucial to increasing your leads and sales.

Case studies and surveys are some of the most effective methods for showcasing your data and work.

By showcasing all the work you have done, you set up an enticing case that is more likely to draw potential leads to your business.

Create Content that offers value to your ideal buyer?

While online journals, case studies, and social media can surely drive traffic from your target audience group, top advertisers realize this is just a glimpse of something larger.

With online webinars, advertisers get the same effect of meeting with potential consumers in person, making it an effective and engaging digital marketing strategy.  

Likewise, with different instruments, online webinars are most effective while focusing on a particular consumer group.

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