How To Set Up Your Digital Program

Not too long ago, digital marketing programs were the exception. Today a digital marketing program is essential to the success of any kind of business. Regardless of the industry or presence, getting the word out on the web is fundamental to the success of any type of business.

The big coffeeshop chains are past masters at this. While you may not think of coffee in digital terms, your morning cup of Joe is surprisingly adept at online marketing. Walk past a Starbucks, for example, and chances are you’ll get some kind of notification on your smartphone. That or some targeted ads on whatever website you happen to be browsing at the time.

Digital marketing has an instant satisfaction appeal. See something you like online and all it takes to buy is filling in some credit card details and the address you want it delivered to. That instant satisfaction gets taken to extreme lengths by things like Amazon Prime and same-day delivery, but the point remains the same.

Consumers today want to be connected to their favorite brands all the time, and that includes coffee!

You might have put off launching your own digital marketing program. Time constraints, lack of knowledge and experience, budget requirements. While these, and many more, are valid reasons not to have an online program, the benefits at the end of the day far outweigh any of these. By all accounts, 2020 was a pretty miserable year. The covid pandemic brought about a seismic change in our way of life. Our work habits, daily commute, the way we socialize. Everything changed, and the effects look to be even more far-reaching than we thought initially.

While the measures put in place to combat covid decimated some industries, others flourished. Anything with a robust online presence saw some pretty remarkable increases in their numbers and bottom line.

Yes, setting up an online marketing program does involve overcoming a very particular set of hurdles, but there’s nothing there that should deter you from taking the plunge. The cost of technology has fallen dramatically over the last few years, and even highly specialized, and all-inclusive solutions like BAFF Networks represent extreme value for money.

One point we constantly stress about digital marketing is this: attract affiliates to your program, and you pay on performance only. Affiliates will carry all their own costs and marketing budgets and only ever get paid based on their results: no upfront costs, no salaries. Successful affiliates make very comfortable livings, but they earn every cent they make. There’s no safety net for affiliates, so they have to be successful.

We’ve been in the affiliate marketing industry for a long time, and we built the BAFF product range to appeal to the heart and soul of your digital marketing program. Namely, your affiliates. Almost all of us here started out as affiliates, and we know what a successful program needs to incorporate to keep your affiliates happy.

Real-time Reporting

End-of-day reporting used to be the standard, but today it’s all about real-time reporting. Most affiliates will get their through traffic through media buying. Media buying calls for constant campaign optimization, so real-time reporting is an absolute must. It helps affiliates cut costs, and nobody will ever object to that.


The absolute essential ingredient for any successful digital marketing campaign. Affiliates know the value of tracking, and if your marketing program isn’t up to scratch, you won’t attract any top affiliates. It’s as simple as that. The tracking in BAFF is second to none, with granular tracking and integrations to popular email providers. You even have the option to give your best affiliates API access to track registrations and even FTDs.


Affiliates love to get paid on time, and they love it when their networks support a wide range of payment options. We’ve got you covered with flexible payment portals already integrated into the BAFF systems.

A digital marketing program is essential to the success of any kind of business, including yours. Even if you don’t think you need a digital marketing program, the reality is you do. Why put it off any longer when with the BAFF systems, you can have a full-featured program up and running in a matter of days?

Do you need a cutting-edge solution to your digital marketing program? Talk to one of our account managers for the best solution for your business needs!

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