How To Improve Your Company’s Blog With Three Simple Steps

How To Improve Your Company’s Blog With Three Simple Steps

While most business owners understand how important a blog is for their digital marketing strategy, they are often unsure of how to execute it. It’s crucial to remember that regular blogging increases brand awareness, cultivates a sense of community, and benefits SEO.

Blogging is conducted by over 70% of digital marketers, who consider it one of the most effective SEO tactics out there. Regular blogging improves organic traffic, which in turn will increase your business’ revenues. You might be doing everything right, but how do you improve your blog, to accommodate your audience and serve your website better?

Three Steps to Improve your Company’s Blog:

Blogging is for your audience, not for search engines

It seems like the most basic advice, but commonly marketers forget that they are writing for people, not for Google. In fact, stuffing your text with keywords and links, writing unauthentic, valueless content will not put you in Google’s good books. To become an authority website, you will need to build a community around your blog.

Write from your heart and forget about ranking. While on-page SEO and optimization is important for ranking, quality content is just as necessary. When writing your blog, take a step back and check if you are writing something unique and useful. Does your blog post make you appear as a business expert with legitimate knowledge of their industry?

Investing effort, time and resources into your blog is not easy. But it’s worth it.

Understand And Utilize Keywords

2021 Google does not rank websites on the basis of how often they post blog posts with relevant keywords alone. Google is smarter than that. Instead, it analyzes the quality of your blog posts and what information you offer. Google’s crawlers will instantly figure out keyword stuffing and will ignore your website’s attempts to rank.

Research ‘seed’ keywords and go from there. Seed keywords are short, one or two-word keywords from which other keywords grow. Incorporate them wisely into your text – a keyword or two per paragraph is more than enough.

Repurpose Old Content

Updating and republishing old blogs is an easy and simple way to increase organic traffic. Reposting updated posts with list-like structures is a great way to entice your audience. You get to preserve your page’s authority while sharing ‘fresh’ content.

Extending your content’s life is a great hack to include in your marketing strategy. You can send the blog posts to your mailing lists to remind them of older content and in turn increase your website traffic. Building a loyal community around your content will increase its lifespan and keep it relevant for longer.

Analyze Your Blog’s Performance

There are numerous tools you can use to improve your blog’s performance, most of which are free and available via Google. One of those is the Search Console that shows you how many clicks and impressions you are getting, as well as which keywords you are ranking for. It highlights the issues that you should pay attention to.

In addition to this, it’s crucial to pay attention to your bounce rate statistics and how long people spend on your site once they visit it. If they click-out quickly, this could mean your content is not interesting or useful enough. This will hinder your conversion rates and harm your sales funnel.

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