How To Attract Affiliates To Your Program

Affiliate marketing has always been a popular option to generate some extra income or even replace a day job altogether. Think of any product or service available online today ad chances are there’s an affiliate program to join and promote.

Don’t believe me? Do a quick search on Google for “product + affiliate program”. I’m pretty sure you’ll find something, even for the most obscure product or service.

Two things there are plenty of online. Affiliate products to promote and people who are looking to get into affiliate marketing. That’s been true for a number of years, but in the age of covid, the number of people turning to the affiliate world for revenue opportunities has been off the charts.

The problem is that quantity doesn’t always go hand in hand with quality. While having an army of affiliates promoting your product is generally a good thing, it’s better to have a more manageable number of successful and experienced affiliates.

Running any kind of affiliate program costs money and resources. The more affiliates you have promoting your program, the more resources you have to pack into your systems and the more affiliate managers you need to hire. More isn’t always better, so your real ROI depends on having successful affiliates, People who know how to promote your product who will get your genuine leads and conversions.

So how do you go about attracting successful affiliates to your affiliate program?

Be generous with your marketing creatives

Marketing creatives are the bread and butter for any affiliate campaign. To attract successful affiliates, you’ll need to have a library of tried and tested banners and landing pages for your publishers to use. The more marketing materials you can provide, the less time your affiliates will spend on making their own.

While the super successful affiliates will tend to create their own marketing materials, giving them access to a library of ready-made creative saves valuable time for testing any new campaigns.

Successful affiliates know the value of timing. If Elon Musk tweets about cryptos, for example, interest in the product rises. Time is of the essence, particularly in the finance verticals. Creating banners and landing pages from scratch takes time. A library of ready-made creatives lets your affiliates start their campaigns immediately, capitalizing on the FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) factor.

Be generous with your marketing materials. The results your affiliates get will more than outweigh your effort.

Partner with traffic networks and tool providers

Traffic is the lifeblood of any affiliate marketing campaign, and a significant percentage of your affiliates will be relying on media buying for their campaigns. Reach out to the big traffic networks and see if you can work out a promo deal for your affiliates. Something along the lines of “deposit A get B bonus” always works well. This is a win-win-win situation. You get more affiliates, the traffic network gets more new accounts and deposits, and your affiliates get some free traffic. What’s not to like?

The same goes for essential resources like trackers or spy tools. Reach out to the big tracker providers or spy tools and see if you can do a deal with them for discounts on plans for your affiliates. Everyone needs a tracking solution, and spy tools are becoming a must. Again, this is a win situation for all.

Get active on the big affiliate forums

Affiliates tend to join and follow multiple affiliate forums, so it makes sense to be there as well. Join some of the big forums like AffPaying or AffLift and start your own sponsored threads. Post all your bonuses and promotions there, update with your best performing offers and geos and promote and deal you might have done with traffic and tool suppliers.

Threads with case studies are a great way to attract affiliates, as are follow along threads. There’s nothing better than a proof of concept, and case studies and follow along threads are a great way to highlight your best performing offers and geos.

Costs for sponsored threads are negligible. Even on the biggest forums, you’ll probably get change from $100 a month. One new affiliate and one conversion a month, and you’ll soon cover any forum costs. It’s an amazingly effective way to attract and keep successful affiliates.

Do you need some help with your affiliate program? Here at BAFF Networks, we know how affiliate programs should work, and we know where the best affiliates like to hang out. Talk to one of our account managers, and we’ll show you how to attract the best affiliates to your program.

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