How It Works

BAFF works by simplifying the connection between your affiliates on one side and your advertiser offers on the other side.

No matter what the connection type (funnel or API integration) is between your affiliates and offers, BAFF uses smart algorithms to match the best converting offers to the particular traffic type your affiliates are sending.

How BAFF Works


Connecting and managing your affiliates is a snip with BAFF. Our API takes care of all registrations, tracking and billing.


BAFF measures and tracks all the traffic on your network through marketing funnels, API integrations and manually uploaded data.


A central admin area for all aspects of the relationship with your affiliates and advertisers for smoother running of your network


Direct integration with all industry platforms makes lead recycling and tracking as simple as logging into your admin dashboard.

BAFF was built from the ground up to maximize the returns from your affiliate program and to optimize the performance of your marketing and Introducing Brokers.

Whatever your traffic sources, from funnels, API integrations or direct uploads, BAFF will streamline and optimize the way you run your business.

Our smart remarketing tools for FaceBook, AdWords and email campaigns maximize the returns on every $1 you spend on your campaigns.