Good Parenting is like Good Branding; The 7 Keys To Your Branding

Good Parenting is like Good Branding; The 7 Keys To Your Branding

When our children are tired, the stress levels grow. Bedtime is a good idea to demonstrate our parenting skills. It also reminds me of a good branding strategy. It’s all about consistency and persistence.

There are many different factors that go into creating an online brand and good parenting plan; here are the 7 most important factors that play a role in both cases.

Brand Is More Than Visuals

Companies often talk about their brand in terms of logo, graphic design, and product layout. All of these are important pieces of branding, but branding is more than just the visuals.

Brands encompass everything about how a company interacts with its customers. Brand should be baked into the company’s business plan and influence every interaction.

Demonstrate Knowledge

One of the primary purposes of a blog for your business is to demonstrate expertise and knowledge in the industry. Thought leaders attract attention both from their customers and from others in the industry. For B2B companies in particular, this can be a strategic advantage.

According to Ben Givon, the CEO of Baff Networks, Another change in the digital age is that customers associate companies with the people they know there. Having a blog gives a personality and a face to a brand, which can improve its overall success and resonance.


Companies do best when they show themselves as they are. Of course a brand is a constructed version of the company, but finding a constructed version that doesn’t differ too much from reality is crucial. Your social media presence should be a more formal, less edgy version of yourself, but that doesn’t mean you should be so bland as to be unrecognizable.

Referrals and Reviews

Social media marketing, native marketing, content marketing, targeted marketing: absolutely nothing has replaced word of mouth and buzz. We talk to each other differently than we did fifty years ago, but the truth is still that customers want to hear about other people’s experience with your company before they decide to make a purchase themselves.

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