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Creating a Landing Page For Your Target Audience

Achtung, Achtung, this is not a drill! Dear reader from our target audience, may I grab your attention for a moment? In this article, you will learn how attention-grabbing can be done via a landing page, using compelling content and effective CTAs. 

A landing page is a powerful tool – a standalone webpage that a user lands on after clicking on it. It can originate from multiple digital locations, like emails, ads, etc. Call to action is the central focus of every landing page, and this is why the content placed on an LP is of utmost importance, not just content-wise but also SEO-wise.

Content writing and SEO go hand in hand when talking about a powerful landing page. This is why the following tips are here to guide you through the creation process, which will ultimately lead to a significant jump in conversions from your website.

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Know Your Target Audience

Before you even consider bringing your thoughts to pen and paper, you must know who you’re writing for. Knowing your target audience is everything; the characteristics and demographics of the said group, along with their habits, wants and needs.

After establishing your focus group, the writing will come naturally. It will be more direct and clear. Having one audience in mind rather than writing copy for an unknown, undefined audience. Audience analysis is a helpful tool that you can use, which will give additional insight and subsequently help the content creation process.

Content Writing Tips

Once you get to know your target audience, it is time to move on to the next step – content writing. Get a pen and paper before you hit the keyboard. There are some things that you need to know first.

1. Important information first 

Including the most vital and significant information first is the cardinal rule of writing a successful landing page. If we know the short nature of the human attention span, then we can conclude that our readers move around the page quickly. You have little time to grab their attention and submit the wanted message. Use those seconds and inches of space on the page to “hook” them with your content. 

Pro Tip: Be sure to add the most important info above the fold – a part of a page visible before the user scrolls down. 

2. Features = Benefits

When describing a service or product, you should mention its benefits. A successful sales copy has features and benefits underlined, respectively. The first are vital elements of a product or service, and the second is there to depict how these features can help the reader.

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3. Speak Directly

Forget about traditional marketing because digital marketing is not about to take it. Writing a compelling website copy includes avoiding the first or third person. Yes, you read that right! Using the second person means speaking directly to your audience. This includes using words like “you,” “your,” and “yours.” Also, use direct sentences that tell the reader what they should do like “Click here,” “Try this now,” etc. 

SEO Disclaimer: If you write SEO content, you surely know that it is not just about keywords. Speak and write to your target audience. 

4. Use Jargon

This might sound shady, but don’t take it literally. You should use the words and phrases that your audience uses. Speak to them in their own language. Of course, there’s a fine line between writing a successful digital copy and sounding like a Gen Z, emojis-instead-of-words using social media posts. 

5. Mind the Formatting

Formatting is everything. The way words are displayed on a webpage might determine if the landing page is successful or not. If the content is easy to scan, and the information is easy to find across the page, your work is done. This is acquired through heading and subheading, bulleted lists, short paragraphs and sentences, font formatting, etc.

6. Say No to Passive Voice

Encouraging your audience to take action ain’t an easy task. Thi si precisely why it is advised you use active language when writing and avoid passive voice at all costs. Sentences that contain active voice are more direct and are openly inviting people to take a certain action. In addition, these sentences are more concise and more understandable. So remember, steer clear from passive voice. 

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End Strong – Conclusion

We’ve come to the very end of this article, and the last thing worth mentioning is the way we close our LP entry. The strategy behind your content is everything – how you begin and end the page will determine your audience response and their later motivation. 

Be sure to incorporate scarcity, which means letting the audience know that access to this product or service is limited. Adding a sense of urgency might also do the trick. Finally, finishing things off with a proper call to action is crucial. Let your target audience know what they need to do to get their wanted product or service.

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