Create Effective YouTube Ad Campaigns During the Coronavirus Crisis with Ben Givon

Create Effective YouTube Ad Campaigns During the Coronavirus Crisis with Ben Givon

As the coronavirus pandemic continues to paralyze global economic growth and consumer spending, businesses have been forced to adjust their marketing strategies and campaigns to reach their target audience online. Multiple businesses have reported a drop in leads, impressions, and conversions, which is likely a result of negative consumer sentiments making it difficult for buyers and companies to spend cash on goods and services. On the other hand, many businesses are strategically creating online marketing campaigns with long-term goals in mind. Consumers may not be inclined to spend money or subscribe to your business offering during the coronavirus pandemic. However, have you considered the aftermath of the Covid-19 crisis? You should be focusing all your efforts on adjusting your online marketing approach to get one step ahead of your competitors once the uncertainty surrounding Covid-19 has cleared.

Setting up and running video advertising campaigns in Google Ads offers a cost-effective way of developing your brand awareness as the coronavirus pandemic lockdowns have cut budgets. Nevertheless, YouTube has reported a surge in online traffic as users flood to the video platform during the quarantine period.

What are TrueView video discovery ads?

YouTube ads do not have to follow the traditional style of television advertising. Some users are reluctant to use YouTube ads because they are unsure how long the video duration should be and what content to include. The answer to these uncertainties is that there is no one-size-fits-all for video ad campaigns on YouTube. Users browse through YouTube to watch videos, meaning you can test short-length videos and longer-length videos and see which deliver the best results. But you need to remember to keep the content relevant and engaging.

How do I go about creating and maintaining successful video ad campaigns on YouTube? This is where TrueView video discovery ads come into play.

According to Google, TrueView video discovery ads ‘can run on the YouTube search results and watch pages for both desktop and, as well as the mobile app homepage. The ad unit consists of an image thumbnail and up to three lines of text. Clicking the ad will deliver a user to the YouTube watch or channel page to view the video rather than playing the video within the ad unit itself.’

Don’t forget that YouTube is a search engine and a rather large one at that. The second-largest search engine after Google. What does this mean? It means that YouTube is a source of information as well as entertainment. Users go to YouTube for video tutorials and expert information regarding a vast range of topics; especially now, users have jumped to YouTube searching for content from home workouts to cooking from home during the coronavirus pandemic. For brands looking to place their video ad campaigns at the top of SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages), TrueView discovery ads can help get that one step closer to the desired result.

According to John Porter, a reporter at The Verge, YouTube and Netflix have been forced to adjust their operating systems to deal with the surge of traffic due to the coronavirus lockdown. ‘YouTube is reducing the quality of its videos in Europe, as an increase in home usage strains the continent’s internet during the novel coronavirus outbreak.’

‘The decision comes after EU industry chief Thierry Breton called on streaming platforms to help reduce their load on the continent’s infrastructure. Internet traffic increases as more people spend time at home in line with social-distancing guidelines during the pandemic. There are fears about the strain this could place on the internet’s infrastructure and cause further disruption to remote workers and e-learning activities now that businesses and schools have been shuttered.’

‘The decision follows Netflix’s announcement that it will reduce the bitrate of its streams for 30 days, in an attempt to lower its network traffic by 25 percent. Video streaming is a major source of internet traffic, BBC News notes, alongside game downloads. At the same time, remote-work technologies like webmail and video-conferencing are thought to place relatively less strain on networks.’

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As the coronavirus pandemic has confined consumers to their homes, there has been a huge rise in searches for people looking to make their own gym equipment. Therefore, if your business offering has anything to do with gym equipment, you could run some YouTube ad campaigns targeting potential customers interested in working out. With all the competition on YouTube, the platform is saturated with millions of videos, all battling for the number one spot on its SERPs. For this reason, you shouldn’t expect to see immediate results with high organic traffic rates. TrueView discovery ads can offer that extra support to increase user engagement and brand awareness.

TrueView discovery ads offer advertisers the ability to only target YouTube search results. This allows businesses to reach users while actively searching for relevant content linked to their products or services. Research what users are searching for during these challenging times, and wherever possible, create content that answers any questions your audience may have; this is one of the best ways to build brand trust and awareness.

Custom intent audiences

YouTube ads allow brands to set up audience lists depending on what users have searched through Google.

Let’s take the example of a business that offers coffee machines and coffee beans. Two custom intent audiences that are a good starting point are from converting search terms and converting keywords. Search phrases such as “buy coffee machine” or “top quality coffee beans” are an effective starting point to discover additional consumers who are more likely to buy your product. But what about consumers who are not as willing or convinced to decide to buy straight away?

A good tactic would be to research different keywords to try out different levels of audiences. Rather than attempting to sell the coffee machine, try and reach the users who are showing an interest in coffee making from home. Then once you have identified and located the group of potential customers, display your ads with content related to coffee making and advice for making the best cup of coffee, and throw in the odd hint that your coffee beans and coffee machines are the best tools for making the best morning coffee. But what result is this likely to produce? By getting in front of your target audience that has already shown an interest in your business offering, you increase your brand awareness and the likelihood that consumers will consider your brand during the buyers’ journey.

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