Ben Givon’s Top Tips For Boosting Sales on Facebook

Ben Givon’s Top Tips For Boosting Sales on Facebook

Being the world’s largest social media platform, Facebook is a great place to market and promote your business offerings. It has a huge reach, a vast array of targeting options, and a plethora of tools to help you succeed. But it is not easy to get a hole in one. Furthermore, there is not a one-size-fits-all strategy when it comes to selling on Facebook. It necessitates that you test to discover what the right combination is for your campaign.

In this blog post, Ben Givon will cover some tips and tricks to create effective Facebook ads, boost sales, and get better results for the campaigns you are already maintaining.

Use conversion actions for all stages of the sales funnel

Ben Givon’s Top Tips For Boosting Sales on Facebook

There are a variety of ways this can apply, and this blog post will go through two or three of those methods today. However, the main one we need to refer to is how you influence the custom/standard events set up with your Facebook pixel.

The entirety of the campaign targets in Facebook can permit you to sell and promote your business offering. However, the one I utilize the most is the conversion type campaign, and afterward, change it varies dependent on the number of sales.

One of the key ideas of utilizing this campaign objective is to ensure you have enough normal conversion volume to keep the algorithm updated with enough data to function optimally. Facebook suggests this should be 50 conversions for each advertisement set every week, but there are always exceptions to the rule, and I’ve seen it work successfully with not as much as that.

Be that as it may, not all organizations see 20 or more sales every week for each promotion set in the entirety of their conversion campaigns.

So to bypass that, leverage the events further up the sales funnel to help Facebook streamline while advancing toward actions, clients are making on your business website.

In the event that you are running low on purchases, step back to “Include Payment Info.” If that is still too low volume, try “Start Checkout” as an alternative.

Gather audiences from funnel stages

The buyer funnel steps that we use for conversion optimization can similarly be leveraged to create audiences.

Consider when you are specifically shopping or generally browsing on the internet. How do you feel when you see a thing versus when you add it to your shopping basket?

When building audiences, when you click the dropdown that opens all website visitors, you will see that there is a section entitled from your events. Any of the actions here can be used as an audience creation trigger, similar to how a URL rule can be. Simply put, pick the event that you desire, adjust the settings, and you are ready to go.

Leverage the social media platform to locate quality leads and potential customers

There are multiple ways that you can discover target audiences to focus on Facebook. However, here are a couple of Ben Givon’s most preferred methods.

Use event audiences to generate lookalikes

After creating your website user lists for the various steps in your sales funnel, you can then move on to creating lookalike audiences for Facebook in order to discover new prospective users. The social media network will find patterns and trends in the consumers who filled out your on-site events, scan the network for users who have similar behaviors, and present to them your ads in order to increase engagement and interaction.

The added advantage here is that as you gather additional events, those will be updated as the lookalike audiences will see the events on their news feed every time they log in and browse through their home page. 

Use engagement audiences to create lookalikes

Don’t limit yourself to website engagement. Keep your on-platform engagement at the forefront of your plans as well. The Facebook platform is set up so that it elicits engagement from its users in various ways, such as liking videos and pages to engaging in various ways with different posts.

Avoid abandoning these users from your prospecting strategies. These methods can be just as useful as on-site actions.

Target users who engage with similar, rival brands.

Last but not least, switching away from lookalike audiences can also be an effective strategy to target users who engage with brands and businesses that are rivals of your brand.

But not all brands are available to be focused on, so you should ensure you’re considering greater brands that are like yours. In the event that clients display enthusiasm for those popular and trending brands, at that point insofar as you’ve carried out your responsibility well, your items and promotions ought to impact them, too.

Feature your products and services, clearly, well and precisely

The promotion campaign you put before your audience can be an enormous influencer on them, particularly during the funnel’s first stages. There are a couple of things you can do to place your items in decent light and ensure they’re pertinent to your target audience.

Advertisement arrangements to feature items

Ben Givon’s Top Tips For Boosting Sales on Facebook

The most straightforward advertisement campaign to run with is the single picture post, which can be profoundly effective. However, various different configurations can be extremely helpful for promoting your items.

Make use of these Facebook ecommerce tips to optimize your sales

Facebook is an effective platform for promoting and selling your business offerings online. It has been their pillar of support for certain businesses prior to and amidst the global public health crisis. It is likely to remain this way during the aftermath of the coronavirus pandemic. Hopefully, these tips and tricks will enable you to extract more from your Facebook campaigns and drive those all-important sales and conversion rates sky-high.

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