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How to Optimize SMS Marketing with Ben Givon

SMS marketing campaigns come in all shapes and sizes. Where some companies incorporate and make SMS marketing an integral part of their marketing campaigns other companies simply see it as a supplementary aspect of a strong marketing business strategy.

According to research by ScanLife:

  • 89% use mobile devices while shopping
  • 72% prefer to interact with their favorite brands on a mobile app
  • 54% often use smartphones at home to research a product
  • 52% recognize QR codes on product packaging more than anywhere else
  • 45% would like to receive in-store coupons from their favorite brands
  • 43% are willing to share location and some personal information in exchange for something valuable from their favorite brands
  • 34% always search for deals and coupons before shopping

So, with the popularity of mobile devices growing all the time, SMS marketing offers a great way to reach a wider target audience thus maximizing your ROI.

SMS Marketing Campaigns

Here are a few ways you can optimize your SMS marketing campaign for optimal results:

  • The power of call-to-action buttons

Call-to-action buttons help to trigger consumer engagement with SMS marketing messages, which is the main aim of any SMS marketing campaign: to keep SMS messages relevant so that your customers engage with and carry out exactly what it is you are offering.

What are some effective call-to-action prompts?

‘Click here to find out more’ – with a limit on the number of characters you can use in a SMS message, sometimes you can struggle to fit everything you need to say in a short text, therefore adding a ‘click here for more’ CTA is a great way of increasing customer engagement whilst providing all the additional information that your audience may need.

‘Buy now before offer expires’ – by giving your customers the impression that time is of the essence and that they could lose out on a limited offer you could increase interactions and conversions. By adding a convenient CTA button, you make the buying process a lot easier for your customers which optimizes the user experience.

‘Show this text for a 20% discount’ – these types of promotions and offers are an effective way of increasing consumer engagement as they become a means to an end.

Text-to-win campaigns can often compel customers to engage with and participate in a raffle or contest in order to win something. This could then ramp up your traffic and sales numbers.

  • SMS Marketing Department

When it comes to large scale SMS marketing campaigns you could benefit from having a team of experienced and skilled professionals managing various aspects of the business strategy. These various aspects include digital creative design, social media management, and analysis of the budget, promotions and SMS marketing strategies.

All aspects of an SMS marketing department need to work together to ensure that the campaign is running at optimal levels with the best strategies to encourage customer engagement and boost sales.

  • Understanding your audience

In order to optimize your SMS marketing campaigns you need to keep track of what is and isn’t working. This can be monitored through Customer Relationship Management (CRM) applications. Taking into account user behviour, purchase history and demographics based on location can ensure your SMS messages are relevant and include engaging content. If you have a specific promotion that you are trying to push you need to take into consideration who your target audience is; categorizing and organizing data from the CRM is vital when optimizing SMS marketing campaigns.

  • Content needs to be straight to the point

With a limit of 160 characters, you need to be clear and concise when it comes to creating the content for your SMS marketing campaign. Getting straight to the point of the message, outlining exactly what it is you are offering or promoting, and clearly indicating what it is you want the potential customer to do, are all vital elements in optimizing SMS marketing.

  • Right place at the right time

A successful SMS marketing campaign depends upon good timing. On average it takes a user approximately 2 minutes to open messages. Customer engagement is most effective during spur of the moment actions. For example, if you have an offer expiring on Monday you should send the SMS message a day in advance.

Don’t send SMS messages too early or too late, however, anything outside eight o’clock in the morning and eight o’clock at night can turn into a nuisance, so paying attention to time zones and considering your customers’ privacy can really pay off.  

optimizing SMS marketing

  • SMS opt-in opportunities through all communication channels

An effective way of encouraging customers to subscribe to your SMS marketing campaign is to give them the opportunity to do so every time they engage with your business.

Website and social media platforms – Adding an opt-in button on your website and social media networks give your customers every opportunity to quickly and easily sign up to your SMS marketing campaign.

You could also send a bulk message to potential and existing customers giving them the chance to opt-in to receive SMS notifications about promotions, offers and updates.

The bottom line is that you make opting-in to your SMS campaigns readily accessible on all communication channels to maximize your reach and customer engagement which in turn increases ROI and sales.

  • Identify and reward your most loyal customers

A customer who regularly engages with your business, purchases your services and products, recommends your products to family and friends through positive reviews is a valued customer and should be treated with gratitude. Keeping your most loyal customers happy is key when it comes to maintaining a successful business. Monitor their experiences when dealing with your company and reward their loyalty with exclusive deals and promotions. A happy customer is a happy business.

So, what does it all boil down to? A successful SMS marketing campaign boils down to having:

  1. Effective and enticing CTAs
  2. A skilled SMS marketing team
  3. An understanding of your target audience
  4. Clear and concise content
  5. A good grasp of timing when sending SMS messages
  6. Plenty of opt-in opportunities
  7. Attention towards identifying and rewarding your most loyal customers

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