Ben Givon explains how to approach your online audience amidst the coronavirus pandemic

Ben Givon explains how to approach your online audience amidst the coronavirus pandemic

The impact of the coronavirus has put pressure on many small-scale businesses to find new and innovative ways to reach their target audience. But on the bright side online traffic has soared since the Covid-19 outbreak began, and there are a ton of different and effective methods and strategies that you could implement into your online marketing campaigns to reach your audience during the pandemic lockdowns.

In this article, Ben Givon will offer his best methods for reaching your target audience online during the coronavirus crisis.

How do I reach my customers on Google amidst the coronavirus pandemic?

An important point to keep in mind when marketing on Google is that the world’s largest search engine is constantly updating its features and algorithms, when it comes to updating your Google My Business pages and profiles, in retaliation to the coronavirus outbreak.

According to Google ‘Google My Business is a free and easy-to-use tool for businesses and organisations to manage their online presence across Google, including Search and Maps. If you verify and edit your business information, you can both help customers find your business and tell them your story.’

As a result of national lockdowns, store closures and travel restrictions, the number of ‘open now’ and ‘near me’ searches on Google made by online users has increased and continues to rise ever since the Covid-19 pandemic started. Online consumers are also conducting more searches related to delivery options and contactless online payment methods that help both the buyer and the seller to maintain social distancing regulations. Therefore, you should make sure that you update your Google My Business profile to keep reaching your online consumers on Google. Some of these changes could include:

  • Update your opening times, and if your business has been put on pause then you ought to let your customers know.
  • Adjust your profile description to incorporate important information on how the coronavirus pandemic has affected your business.
  • Make various delivery options clear and easy for your customers to access.

Post on Google My Business

Similar to social media, Google My Business allows you to release posts to your listings. However, dissimilar to social media platforms where users browse through posts on their news feeds, users on Google are searching for specific posts. Google My Business posts allows a business to expose its existing and potential customers to all of its latest updates, promotions, and special offers amidst all the confusion and uncertainty that the coronavirus pandemic has created.

Publish engaging blog content

The internet has become inundated with coronavirus-related content, however, don’t let that stop you from trying to secure the number one spot of Google’s SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages). The best method is to focus on relevant long-tail keywords that relate to your business offering, products and or services. For instance, a restaurant could create a blog post entitled “how to bake the perfect cheesecake from home”. This type of relevant content doesn’t have any extra expenses attached to it, and with an increase in online traffic it is a great way to stay engaged with your audience during the coronavirus pandemic.

Another great option could be to incorporate your geolocation to increase your customer reach. For example you could write a blog post entitled “best areas to take your family on a walk in Texas”. Content that is relevant to the current Covid-19 pandemic, which online users are actively searching for and engaging with is highly likely to gather traffic and leads to your site, which in the long run could help to enhance your SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

How do I reach my customers on Facebook amidst the coronavirus pandemic?

Social media platforms are crucial nowadays for creating and maintaining trust between a business and its clients, and with users spending more and more time scrolling through social media, Facebook can be a great and effective way to reach your target audience amidst the Covid-19 outbreak.

Facebook Live

According to Facebook, the number of users engaging with Facebook Live videos has jumped by 50 percent for the months February and March. Facebook Live has a lot of advantages, and during such uncertain times you can keep your audience engaged with interesting and relevant content and information. As Facebook has reported a 50 percent spike in users engaging with Facebook Live videos, now is a great time to remarket some of your best performing ads and business offerings.

Offer gifts and special offers

If your business is still operating amidst the coronavirus lockdown then it is worth considering offering special offers, promotions, and gifts along with your delivery services. You could, for example, set up a luck-dip giveaway offering the lucky winner a free prize or special offer to go with their delivery. This could increase customer engagement, while also driving more traffic to your site and ads. Remember to include the ability for your customers to share the ad on all social media platforms to expand your audience reach.

Stay connected with your audience

Social media platforms are flooded with posts related to the coronavirus pandemic. A straightforward post to reengage with your audience and let them know that you are supporting them throughout these challenging times could go a long way.  

How do I reach my customers on Instagram amidst the coronavirus pandemic?

Include coronavirus-related hashtags…

Hashtags are an effective strategy to increase your brand awareness on social media. When creating Instagram posts make sure that you boost morale with light content that doesn’t focus on the doom and gloom of the coronavirus situation. Be cautious when posting statistics and information regarding Covid-19 to make sure that all the data you post is accurate and from reliable sources because search engines and social media platforms have updated their algorithms to cut down on malicious content and fake news.

How do I reach my customers on Twitter amidst the coronavirus pandemic?

Recycle your social proof

Some businesses have started to recycle their customer reviews, using them as material and content for tweets. During the coronavirus pandemic these types of posts, providing customer reviews with engaging images, are a great way to keep customer engagement high.

#supportsmallbusiness initiatives

There are loads of Twitter users out there who are willing to advertise local small-scale businesses in their vicinity. Conduct a simple hashtag search such as #supportsmallbusiness and see if any users or companies are offering to promote your business in their offer.

Offer a helping hand to other local small businesses amidst the coronavirus pandemic.

Some businesses are offering to promote local small businesses in return for the same service. This is another effective way of reaching a wider audience on social media while helping other small businesses and competitors during the coronavirus crisis.

Bottom line

These great and effective methods for reaching your online audience throughout the coronavirus pandemic. And these strategies can also be used after the coronavirus confusion has passed. Give these quick and easy tips a go and you never know; your online marketing campaigns could expand more than you expect.

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