How It Works

How it works?

BAFF works by simplifying the connection between your affiliates on one side and your advertiser offers on the other side.

No matter what the connection type (funnel or API integration) is between your affiliates and offers, BAFF uses smart algorithms to match
the best converting offers to the particular traffic type your affiliates are sending.

BAFF Funnel Methodology
Conversion Funnel


Easily manage all your affiliates needs in one system. One simple API for registrations, tracking and billing.


Receive, track & monitor traffic via API, funnels or just upload data manually. Easily add to your funnels our automatic smart forms.


Smart, simple and complete management of all your affiliates and advertisers needs.

Easy Advertiser Integration


Integrated to all industry platforms. Track leads deposits and sale statuses. Recycle Leads automatically or manually.