Affiliate Marketing And Bing Ads

PPC (Pay-Per-Click) on the major search engines work, and they work across almost every vertical. While Google AdWords is the stand-out PPC network, they frown on affiliate links and affiliate marketing in general. That makes running campaigns on Google AdWords tricky, to say the least. You’ll have to run campaigns to your own hosted landing pages and some verticals like forex, for example) will be blocked. Google requires landing pages on the same domain as the forex broker you’re promoting, so unless you have an excellent working relationship with your broker, AdWords will be out of the question.

That makes Bing Ads a very attractive alternative to Google.

Bing allows affiliate links, and despite the scope of Google, it still accounts for around twenty percent of the total global search volume and accounts for over a third of all search volume in the United States.

Microsoft (the owners of Bing) estimate their monthly search volume at close to fourteen billion searches, connecting your ads with over forty-four million searchers that never use Google. Over twenty-seven percent of clicks on Bing Ads are exclusive to the Microsoft network. Using Bing Ads gives your campaigns visibility across Bing, Yahoo, and MSN search results. Bing users also tend to be in the higher earning bracket, with over thirty-percent of users on the Bing network making more than $100,000 a year!

Across all industries, the average Cost Per Click on Google is $20.08. The corresponding figure on Bing is $7.99. That’s less than half the cost of Google.

unique desktop searchers on the Microsoft Search Network

desktop searchers not reached on Google

monthly desktop searches on the Microsoft Search Network

share of the U.S. desktop search market

Over 30% of Bing users make more than $100,000 a year

Seen by many as second-tier traffic, competition on Bing Ads tends to be lower, with a correspondingly lower cost per click. Bing has some other pros when it comes to affiliate campaigns. Users on Bing tend to be from an older demographic, and from personal tests, the traffic is closer to being what I call “checkout ready.” That is to say, for the right vertical, traffic from Bing Ads converts at significantly better rates than Google AdWords. Comparing similar campaigns on Google and Bing, the returns on Bing have been anything up to 35% better.

Managing Bing Ads follows a very similar route to Google AdWords. As with any PPC campaign, I always advise using a 1:1 formula. That’s nothing more complicated than having a single keyword for each of your ads. While some marketers prefer to add multiple keywords to their ad-groups, I always stick to one keyword per ad group. That ensures my advertising message stays intact across my ads and my landing pages.

While the 1:1 process will take more time to set up, your conversions will definitely be better. Keeping your message consistent is fundamental to the success of your Pay-Per-Click campaigns.

The Bing Ads interface and features have improved almost beyond recognition over the last few years. The platform includes all the tracking and analytic tools you’ll need to optimize and fine-tune your campaigns down to a very granular level. Focusing on conversion tracking for a minute and Bing have a very nifty feature that allows you to import offline conversions to your account.

Sign up for free and create campaigns starting from any budget.

Only pay when customers click your ads. No click, no charge.

Test keywords, bids, and day-parting to make the most of your ROI.

Set a budget or adjust your spending daily.

Bing has a very generous coupon program with up to $100 free advertising credits for as little as $25 ad spends.

Some conversions won’t happen as part of your funnel, and offline conversions occur on pages where you can’t add your affiliate tracking pixel. Uploading these conversions manually keeps your tracking and conversion metrics intact, which directly affects your quality score inside your Bing account. A better quality score translates to lower cost per click, so anything that can improve your quality score is a welcome addition to your campaigns!

Digital marketing is about data. Leave your misconceptions at the door and make your own mind up about Bing Ads!

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